Haiiii, I'm Caitlyn.

The Brain & Mane behind CWP.

I've always felt that the key to living a happy life is being able to laugh at yourself and all of life's awkward and uncomfortable moments. Oh and tacos.. Tacos are a key factor in the game of living your best life. 

I am a Registered Nurse by day. The profession has taught me a great deal about life. It can be messy (like too messy for words), it can be scary, thrilling, somtimes cut too short. But it can also be absolutely beautiful. 

I've been collecting images of that beauty since the young age of 9 years old, when I put a "camcorder" on my Christmas list. I was the girl in high school who was always wandering the halls with a camera borrowed from our schools TV production classs, ready to capture whatever happened throughout day. I've always enjoyed hanging back a little bit- just enough to watch things unfold and snag those little moments that go otherwise unnoticed.

Allow me to capture those moments for you. The way your sweetheart looks at you when you're busy chatting with guests, your grandma and grandpa having a little moment to themselves on the dance floor, the proud look on your dad's face when he hands you off to your forever.. These are the moments you'll cherish, and I promise to be there to freeze them in time for you.


Living for:

My little family that consists of my middle- school sweetheart of a boyfriend & my pack of fur kiddos!
Food trucks, Netflix comedy specials, the warmth of summer & riding around with the Jeep top off, golden hour sunsets <3

things that make my heart happy
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Taylor & CJ

When deciding if we wanted to do maternity shots we decided to give it a try with Cait! She was so much fun and did such a wonderful job with our maternity shoot. I still can’t stop looking at them! My husband and I always think we look awkward posing, but she made us comfortable and the pictures turned out so much better than I could have imagined. Cait also came back to our home and did our newborn photos. Cait found a way to take beautiful photos we’ve since had canvased on our wall!

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